Saturday, August 7, 2010

My personal trainer is trying to kill me...

This is my before picture....After will be posted after Halloween!
So session 2 of personal training did not go like the first session. After my first session the next day I was sore and the second day I was walking like the bride of frankenstein. I even went to the pool to help stretch out. Working out the second day definitely helped me loosen up.

I weigh in weekly at the gym and I've already lost 2 lbs and 1% body fat! Woo!

My trainer joked that I signed a paper saying if she killed me she wouldn't be responsible...well last night that almost happened. I have asthma. I hate hate hate running on the treadmill. Well treadmill + chest presses + asthma = me almost dying because I didn't have my inhaler with me.

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