Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheet

I signed up for a free sample not to long ago on Deal Wise Mommy through a link she posted. Everyone should follow her blog. This is my second free sample I have gotten so far and she has great giveaways.

I used the laundry sheet last night to wash our sheets and duvet. Toss in the sheet and go. The sheets came out smelling clean and they were definitely less wrinkled than when I use my other laundry detergent. Two thumbs up from me!

Monday, July 19, 2010

No fear

I was told that my 3 year old took her ducky and threw it into the water and jumped in after it...into the deep end...without her life jacket on. The kid has no fear. There is a similar story told by my grandpa. My mom dove into the pool and my little 18 month old self decided I wanted to go in with her. My grandpa pulled me out and I was smiling.

As kids we want a cookie we go for the cookie. As adults we want a cookie, we debate if we need the cookie, if we can afford the cookie, who has the cookie for the best price, the best way to get the cookie, the best way to eat the cookie, and the best thing to eat/drink with our cookie. I often get caught up in over planning everything. I always have a to do list. I LOVE checking stuff off my to do lists. I even went out and bought a white board so I could put stuff on it for my husband and I to get stuff done around the house.

You can plan when to get married and all the little details, you can plan on when to buy a house, you can even plan when to start trying for a baby but you cannot plan when to get pregnant. That is unless you are one of those that is brimming with fertility and you look at your husband and you are instantly knocked up.

I'm trying to be more laid back and not over plan. Jon's mom came and I didn't plan a single thing beforehand. I did wake up and get out my day trip guide and plan for the day but I am making progress. This weekend was our first weekend free in forever so I made no plans. Saturday I actually slept in. I had to stay up till 3 am to get myself to sleep in but still. I stayed in pj's all day and we watched movies, I edited pictures, I procrastinated on my homework, I made dinner and dessert, and did not plan or do one thing on my to do list. ::pats self on back::

Sunday I worked my butt off on only 3 hours sleep. I finally stopped when Jon told me dinner was ready. I then worked on putting that stupid spare bedroom together until 12ish.

Have you ever had something on your mind and then you go to church and the pastor does a whole sermon on it? That happened to me this weekend. I have been throwing around some thoughts in my head and with Jon and BAM. I almost didn't even go to church because I only had 3 hours of sleep. Ok God I get it...I heard you. :-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

long time no blog

I have gotten out of I practice with blogging every day. This week has been crazy busy.

I have been checking things off my 101 in 1001 days list like crazy this past week. I have a major update to do later tonight.

Looking at my ten things Tuesday I need to get moving on some of the things on the list.

I puffy heart love my new camera. It is part of the reason I have been such a slacker this week. I have taken pics of the kids and everything else around me and I have been editing in photoshop.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten Things Tuesdays

10 Things Tuesdays! Ten things made you happy this week? Blog about ‘em! Ten things you want to do before the week’s over? Blog ‘em! Any ten things, any theme you wish, every Tuesday over at Magnolia Queen.

Ten things for this week

1. Put new bed together

2. Finish half of my 26 things photo challenge

3. Finish Mod 8 early

4. Finish reading two books

5. Clean my tires

6. Grocery shopping

7. Clean out pantry and fridge

8. Laundry- put it away

9. Fix the rug in the living room

10. Make a dessert one night with dinner

Monday, July 12, 2010


I say this way too much. In fact my 6 year old I watch looked at me the other day and said "Dude"

Everyone does Not me Monday well I am going to do Random Monday because I think about stuff every day on the way to work and then I forget about it later.

When I see trash bags on the side of the road (random ones not the kind that the guys in orange fill up) I think its a dead person or puppies/kittens. My mom told me a story about finding a bag of puppies left to die and now that is all I can think of...and I watch way too many csi type shows.

Once we were staying in the OBX and a dead body washed up on shore. My mom woke me up to tell me about it and was upset that she was not the one to find it since she decided against her morning run. We talked about how we would've mapped out the crime scene. The victim was not a murder victim but a drowning victim from a few days/weeks?

I never understood Dh's love for his xbox until Sunday when I got my new DSLR camera. OMFG I would sleep with it if I could. I used it all day and even had to charge the battery. I think the 3 year old thinks I am her personal paparazzi now. Bacardi (cat #1) is now on to me and as soon as I took out the camera he went behind the couch. Too bad for him my camera came with a better lens I have awesome zooming capabilities.

Dh and I have created a monster and her name is Stoli (dog #2) She sleeps with us, she wanders the house during the day, I feed her table scraps when Dh is not looking, I cuddle her, I buy her stuffed animals for her to tear apart. She has recently decided that although she is a mama's girl and ALWAYS has to be next to me or sitting on my foot has decided she loves her daddy too. She has to sleep in between us. If we decide to tell her no she will climb and lay on top of us. The sad thing is I tell Dh to move over so Stoli can have more room. We have a king size bed... I am not saying I don't love my other dogs/cats but Stoli is the baby even though she is not the youngest. If Bam Bam and Tini didn't pee or poop in the house even after they went out they wouldn't have to be crated during the day/night. I know the other animals will probably tolerate baby C but I wonder about Stoli.

I love my husband and we are about to celebrate two years of marriage. Somehow my husband managed to inherit the stupid gene and there is no think before I speak option on his mouth. My husband is 5'10" and weighs about 155 now. When I met him he was about 125. I quickly accepted the fact that I would never weigh less than my husband. I am a fat girl and I always have been well except for the time I starved myself and worked out for hours a day. That was fun. I don't do temptation well...so if it is in my house you cannot expect me to say no to it.
If you scroll down you can read about when my husband called me fat. Well he didn't come right out and say it but he stared, he made comments, and stared some more. He also came right out and said "an unhealthy way to get to a healthy weight...whatever works...as long as you stop once you get to your goal weight" Anyone with an eating disorder will tell you you don't just stop when you are happy... because well I don't think you are ever happy. I ate twice in 7 days and then Dh had a problem with me not eating. WILL YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

I am fat and I want to be healthy for baby C and I need to diet. I also have a husband who said tonight "We have nothing to eat" He is too lazy to open the freezer/pantry and fix something for himself. We have bbq, hot dogs, meat balls, pasta, amongst other sides and goodies in our pantry/freezer. He doesn't eat fruit and eats limited veggies. God forbid I feed him something twice in one week. I am about to say eff it and make him fend for himself so I can diet the healthy way and not by starving myself because I know that is just stupid.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

After my other post I need a thankful post because I have many things to be thankful for.

1. Awesome friends- two of in particular listen to me vent about everything and anything and don't judge me when I text them after eating an entire bag of chips. Also for my friend who watched the zoo for us while we were at my parents boat.

2. I just sent the final payment for our house rental in the mountains. This means we are a month away from a week long in the mountains away from it all! WOO HOO!

3. Even though I won't get to keep my insurance and have maternity at least I will still have insurance with maternity through dh!

4. The new bed for the spare room. It will be the one room in the house that is almost completely decorated minus paint.

5. short work weeks. I had off Monday and Tuesday and went in at 1 on Wednesday. I got off early today and I get to go in a teeny bit late tomorrow!

6. Family- We had the best time with my family this past weekend and I am excited to see dh's mom this weekend.

7. Although I hate my online class I am kicking ass and just got an A on that project I blogged about that I was too stressed/depressed to work on and turned it in with 2 min to spare.

A winery we stopped at
Cool pirate hat with hair for my dad- This isn't my dad

Dh and I

Dh while tubing


That is how I feel right now. There is way too much going on and my mind cannot even process it.

So I thought my new insurance would be dealt with quick and easy and turns out it is not. I think I screwed up one of the questions on my application and I was denied. Stupid mistake=so mad at myself. So I will be on Dh's insurance. This sucks on so many levels. I cannot wait to see how much we pay for a  Rx...UGH! Oh well at least I have insurance.

We spent July 4th with my parents and we had the best time. I could've used the time away from Dh but it was nice to have him there some of the time. lol. I missed fireworks on Saturday. I was an idiot and I admit it. We woke up with the sun seeing as we sleep on the back of the boat on an air mattress. Dh left for tubing and I walked and talked the docks with my mom. I started with Sangria and we headed to a friends boat. My glass was empty and she was offering Merlot. If you know me I ALWAYS get in trouble when I drink other people's stuff or I mix. Instead of saying no I said of course. 2 glasses later....we were hot so we headed to the pool. Another glass or two (I don't really remember) and I was drinking bottled water but I don't even remember dh arriving back at the pool or what I said to my mom. I remember starting to feel sick and puking in the bathroom. I was so pissed at myself for doing that to myself. I ended up in the bottom of the boat with the a/c with my head in a trashcan. Thanks for my mom who diligently took care of me and wiped my forehead with a wet washcloth, helped me change my clothes, gave me stomach meds to help my stomach, and made sure I was still alive. Dh checked on me but I would've been all on my own if my mom wasn't there. I did catch a few fireworks from the porthole but for the most part by then I was asleep.

I was up at 6 the next morning and feeling good. Everyone kept asking how I was and asking me if I wanted any wine. I took everything with a smile on my face.

My online class I am currently taking sucks. Our discussion questions are mini projects not actually discussion questions. It is also accelerated because it is a summer course. Who is working 60 hours and taking 4 classes in the fall. That is right...me! Suicide by education?

My house is a disaster and dh's mom comes tomorrow. While we were away this weekend our spare bed broke. I had to drop $200 on a new one. I am sad that our spare bedroom has a new bed before our master.

My summer is completely booked and my other mil wants to fly down and visit for a weekend. I don't think we have a free weekend until September. Is that normal?

I want to start a diet soon. I am leaning towards the sugar busters diet. Dh is my downfall. I HAVE to lose this extra weight though.