Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten Things Tuesdays

10 Things Tuesdays! Ten things made you happy this week? Blog about ‘em! Ten things you want to do before the week’s over? Blog ‘em! Any ten things, any theme you wish, every Tuesday over at Magnolia Queen.

Ten things for this week

1. Put new bed together

2. Finish half of my 26 things photo challenge

3. Finish Mod 8 early

4. Finish reading two books

5. Clean my tires

6. Grocery shopping

7. Clean out pantry and fridge

8. Laundry- put it away

9. Fix the rug in the living room

10. Make a dessert one night with dinner


Whitney said...

Thanks for joining in with your 10 Things!
What desert do you plan on making?

After B Comes C said...

I made brownies one night and a sauce n' cake thing another night.