Thursday, July 8, 2010


That is how I feel right now. There is way too much going on and my mind cannot even process it.

So I thought my new insurance would be dealt with quick and easy and turns out it is not. I think I screwed up one of the questions on my application and I was denied. Stupid mistake=so mad at myself. So I will be on Dh's insurance. This sucks on so many levels. I cannot wait to see how much we pay for a  Rx...UGH! Oh well at least I have insurance.

We spent July 4th with my parents and we had the best time. I could've used the time away from Dh but it was nice to have him there some of the time. lol. I missed fireworks on Saturday. I was an idiot and I admit it. We woke up with the sun seeing as we sleep on the back of the boat on an air mattress. Dh left for tubing and I walked and talked the docks with my mom. I started with Sangria and we headed to a friends boat. My glass was empty and she was offering Merlot. If you know me I ALWAYS get in trouble when I drink other people's stuff or I mix. Instead of saying no I said of course. 2 glasses later....we were hot so we headed to the pool. Another glass or two (I don't really remember) and I was drinking bottled water but I don't even remember dh arriving back at the pool or what I said to my mom. I remember starting to feel sick and puking in the bathroom. I was so pissed at myself for doing that to myself. I ended up in the bottom of the boat with the a/c with my head in a trashcan. Thanks for my mom who diligently took care of me and wiped my forehead with a wet washcloth, helped me change my clothes, gave me stomach meds to help my stomach, and made sure I was still alive. Dh checked on me but I would've been all on my own if my mom wasn't there. I did catch a few fireworks from the porthole but for the most part by then I was asleep.

I was up at 6 the next morning and feeling good. Everyone kept asking how I was and asking me if I wanted any wine. I took everything with a smile on my face.

My online class I am currently taking sucks. Our discussion questions are mini projects not actually discussion questions. It is also accelerated because it is a summer course. Who is working 60 hours and taking 4 classes in the fall. That is! Suicide by education?

My house is a disaster and dh's mom comes tomorrow. While we were away this weekend our spare bed broke. I had to drop $200 on a new one. I am sad that our spare bedroom has a new bed before our master.

My summer is completely booked and my other mil wants to fly down and visit for a weekend. I don't think we have a free weekend until September. Is that normal?

I want to start a diet soon. I am leaning towards the sugar busters diet. Dh is my downfall. I HAVE to lose this extra weight though.

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