Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheet

I signed up for a free sample not to long ago on Deal Wise Mommy through a link she posted. Everyone should follow her blog. This is my second free sample I have gotten so far and she has great giveaways.

I used the laundry sheet last night to wash our sheets and duvet. Toss in the sheet and go. The sheets came out smelling clean and they were definitely less wrinkled than when I use my other laundry detergent. Two thumbs up from me!


Cori's said...

I've been watching these commercials, wanting to try them out! After reading your post, I'm going to give them a try!!

Becky said...

I got a free sample of them too. I wans't that impressed - I didn't get a nice smell when I as done. For the price I will definitely be sticking with regular detergent.

After B Comes C said...

If you want a good price you should make your own detergent! I did and I love it. I buy fresh linen essential oil from Michael's and put a few drops in and my clothes come out fresh and clean.