Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free Stuff

I love free stuff and coupons. Sunday we went to Sam's club to get a few things and they had all of their samples set out. I am that person. I tried almost everyone and we did end up buying the General Tso's chicken we tasted. Free lunch. I also had a coupon for Mcd's so we headed there and I got my free small Carmel Frappe. I cut coupons every week, I use Mypoints when I shop online, and I generally try to shop when something is on sale and use a coupon. Harris Teeter which is down south is great for this. I won't shop there full price stuff but when they have a Buy 2 get 3 free I am on it.

You should check out Deal Wise Mommy She has become my new favorite website for coupons, freebies, and giveaways. Just the other day I bought a canvas for my mom. She has been asking since our wedding in Aug 08 for a 11x14 of one of our prints. I did not really want to pay $60 and since I am cheap I have been waiting for a good deal. I bought it from Canvas People for only $9.99. The 8x10 was free. Shipping was around $14 but they ship it either Fed Ex or UPS.

What is your favorite website for deals or coupons?

What is the most you have saved on a grocery shopping trip? I think mine is somewhere around $150 off $300.

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Cameron said...

You must share your secrets with me this weekend :)